Software Defined Radio

Tobias (DH1TW)

7 minute read

SDR Concept articleA lot of magazine and articles have already covered the principles of software defined radio. Most of them contain mathematical equations which require a greater level of math. Certainly, without math there would be no SDR, but I believe, that the concept of SDR can also be explained without. Let me show you the SDR concept from a different point of view!

Tobias (DH1TW)

5 minute read

FA-SDR-TRX-Software-Defined-Radio-PCBThe FA-SDR-TRX is an allband low cost software defined radio. The FA-SDR-TRX was created by Harald DL2EWN an described in an article series in the German Ham Radio Magazine Funkamateur. After the big success of the single band kits like Softrock, SDR4080 or Genesis, the FA-SDR-TRX is the next step in the evolution of SDR kits. Thanks to the support of Harald I’m able to provide a detailed description of the concept behind FA-SDR-TRX.