The FiFi SDR is a second generation allband HF receiver. Beside it’s QSD it comes with a onboard soundcard and a powerful ARM Cortex M-3 CPU which leaves a lot of room for experiments. I was glad to win Kai-Uwe, DF3DCB one of the FiFi-SDR founders for an interview.

A system view on the FiFi SDR

Pictures of my FiFi SDR receiver


The authors of the FiFi SDRs are:

  1. Kai-Uwe Pieper, DF3DCB
  2. Günter Schweppe, DK5DN
  3. Matti Reifenrath, DC1DMR
  4. Rolf Meeser, DF9DQ
  5. Felix Erckenbrecht, DG1YFE
  6. Sascha Schade, DL1DRS

More links:

  • The FiFi SDR website is located at:
  • For on the fly translation within your webbrowser - check out Google Chrome
  • An interesting which was published in Funkamateur magazine
  • The FiFi SDR group is using TRAC as their online collaboration platform
  • The project was created as an electronics project for the Fichten-Fieldday
  • The FiFi SDR can be purchased at the Funkamateur website Some impressions of the Fichten-Fieldday and the FiFi-SDR assembly

Interview Transcription