Tobias (DH1TW)

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FlexRadio Contest Knob alternative PowerSDR-UI lifts the FlexRadio experience to a totally new level. Since the first release of PowerSDR-UI an avid community is forming it selve around the project. Literally, I receive now everyday feedback from new users expressing their appreciation. In this post you will find pictures which have been provided from satisfied PowerSDR-UI users. These pictures shall inspire and help you to set up your DJ Console.

Join the community

If you are looking for knobs and buttons to control your SDR transceiver, then I highly recommend to join the PowerSDR-UI Yahoogroup. The community will be happy to answer questions and discuss User Interface related topics with you.

Within the Yahoogroup users also have uploaded pictures which show exactly how they use the DJ Console to control any FlexRadio.

Here are some examples of pictures and videos which have been created by individuals of the PSDR-UI community:

W4TQ PowerSDR-UI Setup


Alternative for Flexradio Contestknob

Alternative to Flexradio Contestknob

the above picture was kindly provided by Laurie, VK7ZP

Alternative to Flexradio Contest knob

PowerSDR-UI DJ Console Labels

The two images above have been supplied by Bernd DL9UAS. He created labels with Corel Draw and printed them on adhesive foil. Bernd kindly provided the Corel Draw Source file for download.