At our Contest Station ED1R, we have on each highband 3 Yagis available. In 2012 I built 4 high-power Stackmatches to switch and combine them properly. Since I never liked the way of WX0B’s stackmatch controllers with the rotative knob, a microcontroller and button-based solution were the answer. After a few contests, the solution has proven its reliability and comfort.

The platform

My good friend Pablo, EA4TX suggested reusing his ARS Interface box, instead of developing everything from scratch. A welcome offer! Pablo’s ARS box, which is a USB powered, enhanced replacement/addon control for any kind of rotator, brings everything I needed:

  • Microcontroller with USB Interface
  • 5 Relay based output ports
  • Available Input for Pins
  • LCD Display
  • 4 Buttons

So all I had to do was “just” to write a new Software, adding two plugs and connecting my cables.

Here are the main features of the ED1R Stackmatch Controller:

  • Names can be loaded for all antennas
  • PTT Sensitive to select different RX and TX antennas
  • Control through buttons or USB messages
  • Ready for 4O3A Triplexor
  • Comfortable Configuration through Windows application

Configuration Software

This little Windows program allows a comfortable configuration of the individual Stackmatches through the USB port.

Pablo, EA4TX has already developed a TCP/IP-based client/server which allows us to control the Stackmatches from any operator position. This is another great advantage. In a competitive M/S or M/2 environment, all three Stations need access to the Antennas.