At our contest station ED1R we have no space for permanent Lowband Verticals. Each Contest, the verticals have to be installed temporarily in a field nearly. Especially the deployment and removal of the antenna radials are very time-consuming. Over time we optimized our system which reduced the required time from 2 hours down to 30 minutes.

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Last weekend I was invited to speak in the Contest Forum at the HamRadio convention in Friedrichshafen, Germany. The presentation was about our Contest Activity from the northern tip of Qatar. We participated in the Multi/Multi category and used almost exclusively verticals antennas. For everyone who missed the event, here are the slides!

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A73A in CQWW SSB 2011

This year I had to honor to be invited by the Qatar Amateur Radio Society (QARS) to operate the CQ WW SSB contest with them. The station is set up in a field day style on the northern tip of Qatar, about 100km away from the capital Doha. We are directly located at the beach and used almost exclusively vertical antennas. A73A entered in the category Multi Operator / Multi Transmitters, running 6 Stations in parallel. Keep on reading for some pictures and lessons learned.

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