Recently my Yaesu FT857 became deaf. It turned out that the plastic enclosure of the FT857 filters over time consented to moisture which ruined the filters. In this post, I’ll show you how I replaced the filters and brought the radio back to life.

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In 2007 several SDR (Software Defined Radio) kits became available for Ham Radio purposes. Since most of these kits are just single band receivers, another easy solution was needed to benefit from the PC-based Signal Processing on multiple bands. With the Yaesu FT1000MP, a full coverage short wave receiver was already available in the shack. Why not reuse the already available hardware instead of spending money for a couple of additional monoband SDRs?

After studying the schematics of Yaesu’s FT1000MP it was decided to tap the IF (Intermediate Frequency) with an already available SDR-Kit. This article documents the performed analysis and conducted work necessary to perform this modification.

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Tobias Wellnitz, DH1TW

Software Engineer