A few days ago I had the honor to be invited for dinner with the VP8ORK Microlite DX-Pedition Team. Before leaving from Ushuaia, southern Argentina towards the Islands of South Orkney the team assembled itself in Buenos Aires. Thanks to the LUCG (LU Contest Group) and especially the help of Claudio, LU7DW we had a fantastic barbecue in one of the famous parrillas of Buenos Aires. While writing this, the VP8ORK is already QRV. If you haven’t worked them yet, go and give them a call. Here are a few pictures of this evening:

Morcilla, Chorizo, Lomo, Lomo de Chorizo, Cordero, Cerdo, …etc

Eat as much as you can (without exploding) 😉

Front: LU1BR Luis, LW7DX Horacio, LU4FPZ Sebastian, KØIR Ralph, LU9DO Juan Carlos, W3WL Wes; Middle: LU6ETB Arturo, LU2DKT Eduardo, N1DG Don, 9V1YC James, LU2AH Ron, LU7DW Claudio, LU7DW Arturo, ND2T Tom, LU2DSL Eduardo, N4GRN George, EY8MM Nodir, LU4DXU Henry; Rear: N6MZ Mike, VE3EJ John, W7EW Lew, K6AW Steve, K9ZO Ralph, DH1TW Toby, WB9Z Jerry

John VE3EJ and DH1TW

Nodir EY8MM and DH1TW

James 9V1YC and DH1TW

DH1TW, Ralph K9ZO, and Jerry WB9Z