w3nqn_bandpass_filterA couple of minutes ago I was informed by Bob 5B4AGN that he developed W3NQN style Bandpass filters. Probably the most important information is that he is taking orders for PCB.

In his first batch he built up 50 units. Bob published a couple of pictures on his website. The filters look very professionally. Mechanically and also electronically. His filters are mainly based on the original W3NQN Filter design and the work of Peter, DL2NBU. Peter designed a couple of years ago a 9-Band Bandpass filter as a project of the Bavarian Contest Club.

In case you are looking to build your own 6-Band Bandpass filter set, this might be an excellent possibility to start with. Bob offers a PCB set containing :

  • 6 plugin filter PCBs
  • 1 motherboard 343 x 178mm PCB
  • 1 plug-in band decoder & antenna relay driver board
  • 1 front panel board

However it might be possible that a whole kit (including Capacitors, Housing and Toroids) might become available too.

If you are interested, please contact Bob directly. He will advice you with further information. Please be advised that Bob will  take orders only for a few more days!